Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why Didn't I Take More Computer Classes in School?

Today I attempted to do something that I try to do a me. I thought with the limited number of template options, that the rest of the world would probably have something pretty close to my blog's template and I wanted to be different. I wanted to be ME. So I went searching for a new background, ways to add a little spice to my blog. Add little touches that make it more original. So, if you're reading this anywhere close to the actual post date, you can clearly see...I failed! :D

So I got the background to work...but my header is messed up. The name of my blog doesn't fit nicely in the open square provided, so I've been reading about this and reading about that and I am ashamed to say, hours upon HOURS later, I am no where closer to creating the look that I'm after than when I started. OK, not totally true because I was able to change the background, but I tried to change it for a second time to a holiday background...and I did it the exact same process as the first background and guess what? It's not there! Imagine that.

Ask my hubby, I am not computer savvy. Actually, I can figure some things out, if given enough time, but especially if he's around, my personally given time allowance of trial and error is shortened dramatically. I usually end up sighing, "Sssseeeeeaaaannnnnn, can you fix my stupid layout? I can't get it to work!" And he usually answers me with a mimicking sigh, "MMMmmaaaccceeeyyyy, why do you and computers not get along? Yes, I'll take a look at it."

Well, since he's waking up earlier than normal he hit the hay early tonight and I've been trying to figure all of this out. I found some really cool websites (of which I will post a link to some day!) with free fonts, free backgrounds, free info, free everything! But OMG, once I started reading the directions for adding a new font, I almost passed out. That whole process would take me 1/2 a day just to add...and I can almost guaran-dang-tee you that when I hit my "View Blog" won't be right! I'm not an HTML genius.  Heck, I'm not even a novice; I'm still in diapers! I sort of remember my MIS class at OU. And I just remember getting super frustrated with the entire HTML code and thinking there HAD to be a better way to communicate with software!

So, I anticipate more hours upon hours of trying to figure this stuff out. I actually opened up my Publisher tonight, thinking I'd create my own header..and had to wait while it configured the settings since it has never been opened before. Another sigh. But fret no more, I see a future of cute backgrounds, inticing fonts, and due props attached for all the help I find out there on the world wide web...or just after consulting "The Google". I beg you to stay tuned and offer any advice you might have learned through your time with HTML codes! I will listen with open ears and try to keep my sighs to a minimum.

Until next time. Mwah!

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